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May 4th Testing Feedback


Active Member
  • How is performance and stability compared to previous builds? - Same rock solid, I think it even looked a bit better
  • Are you receiving weapon drops appropriate for the content you are doing? I did receive appropriate weapon drops when fighting humanoid targets. Tested on exiles range lvl 10-15, dropped appropriate tin items but I did not see any of the new .5 drops (5,15,25 etc).
  • Do the new weapons help smooth the power transitions? Uncertain as did not receive these.
  • Do the weapon upgrades still feel impactful? Same as above
  • Is it clear that "basic" crafted gear is inferior to dropped gear? Yes it is clear that basic crafted gear is sub-par compared to drops. Example drop = 2d6+3 where basic crafted would be 2d6 (no additional stats)
  • Does the "imbued" gear feel worthwhile to pursue? Yes, I would say that imbued would be necessary to have a competitive edge. I tested crafting with a 10-20 ember flux and the item was much nicer than the basic crafted item. Curious to see if the levels of Flux change things (1-10, 10-20, 20-30, etc)

I had 3 flux drop in about 4 hours of playtime which seems about right for scarcity.

Loved the new targeting and bow range changes, please keep those. It actually felt like I was using a missile weapon and not a thrown rock. Even the crossbow range adjustment was noticeable.

I loved the variable speed run of NPCs in chase mode, another great change.