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I found that on my first time exploring Newhaven City that the bank in not properly marked on the map. It is place in the crafting section between then marks of "Crafter's Corner" and "The Consortium" which is incorrect. It should be on the other side of the map to the right of "Newhaven Council"

I would have posted this in the Bugs and Feedback forum but it tells me I do not have authorization to do so. please move if needed admins

So the "bank" is also out in the wilderness small towns that you visit. There's a chest that you can open that act like the bank, I know for sure it's in the 2nd village, can't remember if it's where you start the game at.
That is not what im referring to. I'm aware of all the stashes. what I'm referring to is when you open up your map you get emblems placed on it when you discover certain things. I discovered the bank (not stashes) next to the council building in the north west part of Newhaven. Them emblems for the bank I discovered was place on the north east side in the crafting area.