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Making Everyone a Crafter

Randy Magnum

Active Member
I like crafting, and I also like to be self sufficient so after every wipe, I make my three characters so I can do all the crafting professions. However, I don't think its a good idea to remove all armor and weapons off the merchants. I think that will push more away then it would help or pull in. I know a few gamers who don't like to craft and that is detrimental here because we don't have an auction house or player stores. People want mats or items on their time. Some people don't want to stand in camp spamming chat. I know there is a stat balance to be had with vendor gear versus crafted gear(I thought that was covered in the recent crafting changes). I did like how the early vendors sold only a few pieces but you could still pick up something.
If you will not add vendor gear back, will you consider letting characters have 3 crafting professions. This would alleviate a lot of the character switching back and forth, make gear more available (since people wouldn't have to log out and in) and people would only be required to make and level two characters at a time versus 3 now.
Part of this may be alleviated once they get Newbie quests in, if they give out basic armor/weapons. Most games like this don't have decent vendor-sold weapons or armor above newbie levels. They all come from drops or crafting. But yes, if you are only upgrading from loot drops, it can be a long time till people get semi-decent equipment.