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Loot Roll Order


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So from this screenshot it seems Aeldar should have got the item, but he did admit his bag was full. So what happens in this scenario? Would think it would go to the highest greed roll? Yet Elloah's was one of the lowest and my roll was higher and my bag wasn't full.

Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended?


Stormhaven Studios
If his bag was full, it becomes available for anybody to loot it. If Elloa was the looter, perhaps she clicked it from the window.
This is the correct answer. When the loot roll is in progress the loot item is "locked" in the loot window with the dice icon over it. Once the loot roll completes, if it fails for any reason it will notify the winner why it failed, and unlock the item on the corpse for anyone to loot.