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Looking for active group members, I am a small content creator


New Member
I have recorded a video being a solo noob lol. I want to show the game as a whole which the meat is in grouping. If anyone is interested hit me up here or on Discord Hiswordonly!#2994. Another thing is you will be recorded and put on YouTube but you do not have to say anything on the mic :). My grammar is terrible I know lol
Great place to get started and get your content going when the game is still in its infantile state. I was thinking the same thing of coming to the forums and finding a small group of people who just started or are willing to start with me. I have not purchased yet, because I was not sure how the grouping/community was. I will definitely join you for content creation if you are okay with a noob coming from BDO and GW2 with barely any charisma. XD
I’d hop on this in an instant but my distant trees flicker white so much I fear it would turn players away. But as soon as that’s fixed for amd systems I’ll be streaming for sure. Please devs fix this issue it makes your beautiful game look so damn alpha alpha pre alpha.