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Lizard Folk, Exiles, pets?

Blyte Plays

Well-Known Member
I really love the chameleon or lizard folk model. I am glad that the race is sophisticated enough to wield the staff I have encountered them with.

I am really hoping to encounter them with more of their culture present. Please add small villages, and a dungeon/temple for them.

I'm hoping for more anthropology for them and the exiles. Would love to see the exiles brewing up some horrible cult, that got them exiled. If they had some horrible eldritch or demon stuff they were summoning that would be amazing. Or some twisted alchemy they are cooking up.

Would love to see a clue as to why they have been "exile"d.

Would like to see a warden get a small critter, they can sick on someone as a DOT/hit-debuff. A small hawk or weasel. Totally existing outside of hit boxes etc... just more or less a visible spell effect, that perches or hovers when they aren't actively using it.
The exiles I believe are basically just criminals from the city that got expelled from my understanding. And those that left to make their camps and society. Could be way off though. The lore on the website offers some background info.