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Little Blue Floating Creature


Has anyone seen one of these little guys? He ran from me last night but I could not do anything to it.


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I've already encountered a few of them in the wild.
They seem to come in different colours (blue, red, green - maybe more) and if you manage to catch up with them (which can be challenging because they are quite fast), they grant you a buff.
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Blue = Haste
Green = Run Speed
Red = Damage Shield
Orange = Attack Boost

They are a great way to increase your ember essence when you're low as well. Best way to catch them is run them to a wall to trap them, but also not a steep wall where you can't reach.

Another easy way is to run them onto a cliff or ledge so they can't move pass or through.

Also, they're called "flat worms"
They are a great way to increase your ember essence when you're low as well.

Could you elaborate what that means, please?
I have no idea what Ember Essence is...
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Once you reach level 10, there's an NPC that gives you a quest. The end result is you get an ember stone. You have to kill ashen mobs to collect essences, and you can use them Emberstone essence to teleport using monoliths. You can also do a quest at level 20 to use the essences to power up your abilities.

So, an alternative to collecting essences instead of killing ashen mobs is to chase after the flatworms for the buff. They also give between 5-20 essences to power up your ember stone.