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LFG Sundays 12PM CDT


New Member
Hey everybody! I'm going to be playing Embers Adrift every Sunday at 12PM CDT for a while, hoping to find a group of people who would be interested in getting together and partying with me. I'm brand new at the moment and don't have much knowledge of the game, so if anybody is interested in checking it out with me I'd love that!

Just a heads-up, I'll be livestreaming on Twitch for my play time. I can omit any voice comms we might use from the stream if that's uncomfortable for people. I don't have many viewers currently, but just wanted to make sure anybody interested is aware of that as well.
Hey hey!!! Welcome in the community and on our forums!
Have you joined our Discord server already? Our most active community is hanging out there, and you will find it probably easier to find people on the fly to make group! We also have several streamers (small or less small) that are streaming during the weekend, and a channel to promote your content!!
Hey Elloa! Thanks a lot for the reply, I'm in the Discord now and it has been extremely welcoming so far! Lots of good info in there, I'm looking forward to finding some groups next weekend! ^_^
I would be interested in this as I get in off the road usually Sunday mornings around 9am EST. So that gives me time for the "honey do list", church or a nap as I'm very interested in trying this game out. I'm going to try and create a character Saturday, so I'll post what name I end up with.