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Is this game in Alpha, and how in particular do character progress?


I want to know if this game is in Alpha or Beta. Also, is the character progression process similar to Ultima Online, or can players learn everything like Runescape. By Ultima Only, I mean that any character can only have so much progression before maxed. By Runescape I mean that any character can master anything. Or is it a combination of them both. Any help with my questions is much appreciated.

There are classes and you can only learn what is in your class and subclass.
For the trade skill professions, you can currently pick a max of 2 and you can learn 100% in both of those trade skills.
It's not like UO at all as far as that goes for learning, it's also not like Runescape as far as that goes.

Game is currently in Beta.
As said above the level progression of abilities and skills is not at all like Runescape or Ultima. It has a more modern mmo design approach. There are some youtube videos that can better showcase leveling and skill system. There are people streaming the game over the weekend on Twitch if wanna get in and ask them questions.