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Is there a Mage role?

Greetings!! :)
I will share a bit more explanations. We have 3 roles: Striker, Defender, Supporter. Those 3 roles subdivide in 3 classes each. So we have 9 classes. Striker: Warden, Briguand, Berserker. Defender: Marchal, Juggernaut, Knight. Supporter: Duelist, Warlord, Sentinel. Each role have access to 3 sets of weapons. Striker: dual wield, 2hander axe and sword, bows: Defender: Sword+1hander, 2hander Mace, Polearm. Supporter: Banner+1hander, staff, crossbow.
Each role and each class have 1 ability they can empower through reagents. Those reagents can be found hunting specifc mobs. For example, the First AId of the Supporter can be found on Doe or Bear and add +healing. Those reagents can be empowered by EmberEssence (the embers essence is gathered by killing Ashen mobs) and with that essence, you can transform the reagents.
THIS IS ALCHEMY. This is our "magic" system. Every role and every classes have access to it. It will be up to the player to choose to follow that route (or not)
Some abilities can be boosted by reagents. 1 per role and 1 per class (at the moment, more may come in future).
Those reagents will be able to be tweeked by Ember essence, giving them different flavour and special effects.