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Is the Redwood area in Dryfoot open?


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Just curious if the Redwood section in Dryfoot is supposed to be open yet?

I was traveling through there tonight and got the discovery notification but nothing changed on the map opening anything up from the fog of war. It looks very barren with nothing in it other than some abandoned structures and flat ground with no vegetation, especially the lack there of of redwoods ;-)

I thought I was at the northern zone wall of Dryfoot based off the correlation of where I was at the northernish ember ring. And I found a small opening in the rocks I could walk through. Eventually after continuing North in this area the Notification popped up that I had discovered the Redwoods. Seems like this area is still a WIP and I was wondering if access to it is supposed to be inaccessible atm?


Stormhaven Studios
No. This area was initially open but the zone was a bit too big to properly fill - so we condemned it. It may open in the future but it will remain closed for the foreseeable future.


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I wasn't sure if that was the area you guys had closed off or not but now I know. I might need a teleport out of there come Wednesday if the hole gets closed up by then lol