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Incentivizing Areas around the Zone


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Just something in other games I would suggest here, DAOC had a system like this.

Have it where mobs in an area that haven't been killed recently give bonus xp. I wouldn't have it where once a specific mob is dead bonus xp is awarded, I would have it pay out the xp over time to all mobs in a specific area over the course of say 1-2 hours, starting with higher % early and slowly going down over time. I would ramp the xp potentially as high 100%, 200% whatever, would need to be tweaked to allow proper incentive without being too OP.

This system encourages people to move around the zone and automatically incentivizes camp spots that are not being used. By design it evens out easy farm spots because it makes even bad farming spots better as time goes on.

Another thing I would display the XP bonus in the log, so people know what bonus XP they are getting.