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Immediate impressions: Camera feels way too sluggish - Hidden mouse smoothing?


New Member
I'm usually one to provide feedback only after a solid amount of playtime but there are some aspects of a game that are immediately noticeable...

The camera has a very noticeable, sluggish input delay that also seems to feel like the Y and X axis sensitivities aren't 1:1 (They're set 1:1 in options and this may be an illusion because of how sluggish the camera is). There certainly doesn't seem to be an overall 1:1 match with mouse input and camera movement.

Usually in games with this issue there are options that'll make the camera feel more responsive, whether toning down graphics, disabling v-sync, or toggling mouse smoothing, but I can't seem to find anything in the options that help here. The closest I could find to the usual suspects for this was "enable camera dampening" but this doesn't seem to make any difference.

Is this a known issue?


Well-Known Member
What are your current specs? I am playing on lowest settings and only get a “sluggish” camera when turning to face a large amount of players or NPC.


Stormhaven Studios
There are mouse X & Y sensitivity sliders in the input options. Have you toyed with those?


New Member
There are mouse X & Y sensitivity sliders in the input options. Have you toyed with those?
Yeah, I've got them set to 1:1 ratio. From more play I think what's happening is the performance is dropping when I'm looking in certain directions, which in turn increases the feeling of input lag (which feels like a mismatch in X & Y sensitivity).