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Ideas: Remove enemy health bars and new class idea


I think it would introduce a different challenge mechanic in a fight if you didn't know how much health the enemy had. Then that would create a challenge of not knowing how long this fight will take. A class can be introduced that acts as a support class that can get through this confusion. The class would be based on high perception, and in many ways act as an integral part of a world like Embers Adrift. It would have a name like a scout, ranger, guide. I personally think scout or guide would be nice names for it. This class has abilities to see the enemy's health bars for a brief time and other abilities that aid in combat. This class would specialize in fighting with one hand weapon and a torch in the other or even using the torch would likely hold a torch during fights so other players can see.

Scout's abilities
1. Nightvision: Can briefly see in the night and in dark areas without the use of a torch.
2. Dragon's Breath: Can spit fire like a breath of fire through a torch.
3. Goldeneye: Can see far into the distance. Only can really see in lighted areas and in the morning of course.
4. Examine: Can see the enemy's health bars briefly, therefore can report to their team how much more it takes to down them.
5. Perceptive Vision: Can see enemies in stealth that attack randomly.
6. Fear of Flames: Can swing the torch to that causes fear upon beasts to flee from it.

If they exist can disable traps, find hidden passageways and find hidden items.