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Grouping, Do we need a full group?

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Vent on.
Usually when I think of a group or grouping, it would consist of 4 or more players, preferably 5-6 players in a group. When I use to play a lot of tabletop games, D&D/AD&D, Pathfinder system and some Rift system at comic stores, gaming stores, or at other folks home or when I hosting it at my place on the weekend, there were usually around 5-6 folks at the table plus the DM/GM (on rare occasion we get 7-8 players). Having a full group of players for a tabletop game session over the weekend was fun, lots to do, lots of defeat and of course experience and reward.

When you do find a group (usually folks you already have grouped with in the past or hopefully with folks you can get a long with), it works out, the game becomes more interesting and sometimes fun. However, when hardly anyone is on, lack of fellow test players, not many players available to group, it becomes harder to play the game (in this case, play test the game). You end up soloing, which lately seems frustrating, slower progress, countless defeats, low loot drops (and when you do get loot, its crap for your level). By the time you do find someone to group with, its time to log off, go to sleep, get ready for work, or taking a break from the game till tomorrow or so.

Seeing more and more players ending up dual team or trio team. Do we even need to have a full group for a game focusing on grouping, when two players/dual or three players/trio can pull it off? Do we need to have a full group of six players? Is the new full group now, two or three? When you do try to find a group, that group is too high level or too low level. Its becoming harder to find other test players to group with who don't always select NEED on everything, or when they keeps breaking CC (crowd control/stun/halt), or pulls additional mobs when the main puller is pulling, or go afk for a few while the group waits in the dungeon or in the wilderness.

Have seen a group or two that are having fun, kudos to them. Have seem folks LFG only to log off half an hour later. Grouping with other players should be fun, enjoyable and exciting. Do we need to have a full group of players (5-6 players) or having a group of two to three players is all you need to play this game?

Side note. The reward should be worth the risk. Getting 1-2 copper from an Exile or an Onion, Carrot etc., at level 15+ is frustrating, maybe for Thieves and Smugglers starting out. At higher levels, shouldn't the reward scale up? At level 20-30+ the reward for the risk you/your group is/are taking, should be worth the effort and time you/your group spent defeating it/them.
Vent off.
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I guess all of the above? Are you suggesting groups should be a full group?

Duoing and trioing is very common in an MMO and sometimes is the most efficient. I don't think we should have to have a full group to have fun or enjoy group content. Some people only want to play with their friends which they should be able to do if that is how they want to play. Enforcing grouping beyond what we currently have would be a bad way to go.