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Group and Community based game 3 Suggestion


New Member
Hello there I just wanted to say I had a pretty good time in one of my first big groups. We attempted Misha a few times and took care of some quests together and even went into CV for the first time for quite a few hours.

A couple of things I noticed while in this group for most of the day.

1. Figuring out who is on what part of what quest was a huge pain and we ended up having to run back to the same place over and over.

Suggestion: I have played other games where you could see group members quests and which step they are on. If there was some indicator by the quest saying step one, two, three etc. Or something that says this group mate is still on an earlier/later step to this quest than you it would help to make grouping more smooth.

2. Where are my group mates. Arrow distance not long enough. The current name of location if they are no in the same zone is sufficient.

Suggestion: Easy make the arrows indicating group members span the whole zone. Another option that could help is group member dots on the map.

3. Lack of chat windows

Suggestion: If we could just move new chat tabs out of the window into there own window it would be very helpful. I would like to have one chat window I can see all the time for trade, one for group chat, and one for guild chat and then one window for the rest minus the ones mentioned above. The reason for this is if you have group chat in the same as all the others you may miss something because of chat flow speed. One might say well just open your group chat tab only. Well I do not want to miss guild chat either. Easy enough just make the new chat tabs able to become there own chat window.

Thanks for listening and let me know if there is a better place to put suggestions.
Adding new chat windows would be nice. So would being able to see other people’s quest progress, but I would understand that not being added I suppose.