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Games needs a ton of work.


New Member
The game isn't even ready to show people. In it's current stage it is sooo boring and pretty much non functional.
1. People don't turn towards you when you talk to them.
2. Have tables instead of people to interact, for example the merchants, destroys any immersion.
3. I run faster sideways.
4. There is no sprint and walking/running feels like I am sliding on ice.
5. All housing is dark and boring colors. Can't open doors.
6. No people besides guards.
7. Nothing interesting in the environment.
8. Combat feels like why?? Meaning meaningless.

The way the characters move really needs to be a priority and improved.
First zone needs to be better designed. Need more color. More interesting landscape to walk through.
Make doors work.
Add more NPCS to make it more dynamic.
Remove crafting from the starter area. Focus on getting the player on understanding combat and some simple adventuring. Once they get to the next town they could get introduced to crafting.
Why not add a goblin camp that has goblins slowly wandering into the first camp. The guards ask you for help and you kill them off and gain experience.
Then you find a cave that their bigger encampment is located in. In there you can find more treasure and info on a bigger threat.

Anyway this game is too early to keep my interest to help with testing, it isn't even pre-alpha. This is just Unity out of the box.
I will check back in a year and see how things have progressed.
Hey hey @floweringmind ,
Thank you very much for your feedback. But have you read the Patch Notes and the Work In Progress thread ? A lot of the items you are pointing out are not implemented in the game yet (such as no NPC and no quest) .
Wishing you a great day and thanks for testing and sharing your opinion.