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Game stops responding after about 1.5 hours of playing


New Member
I don't know if anyone have had problems with the game stopping responding after about 1.5 hours of running? This have happened for me the 3 times I have had the game running so far. If anyone know if it's a known issue or even have a solution I would love to know.
I’ll start by saying that although this isn’t happening to me,I’ve run into this type of thing with may other types of software. I’m not sure how tech-savvy you are, but sometimes knowing your computer hardware specifications (and sharing them here) is helpful. Sometimes it also helps to turn down your graphics settings to see if you get a longer play time without crashing. Assuming you’ve done that, I always suggest a few things:

1. Update your Operating System.
2. Update your computers drivers and firmware (usually there is software provided by your manufacturer which can manage both for you).
3. Update your graphics car driver (sometimes separate from #2, above, but not always). Consider one driver back or the manuf. suggested.
4. I have used products like Razer’s Cotrex (it’s a little spammy, there may be better software out there) to stop unnecessary processes in the background.
5. OVERLAYS - Turn them off. AMD has been known to install gaming overlays with your graphics driver. Steam will use an overlay as well, if you add the game to your local steam library and launch it through steam.
6. Game Capture Software - turn it off. Twitch, etc.
7. Overheating - There may not be much you’d an do, here, but it may make sense to try a cooler room, give your PC more airflow (standard fan blowing on it), etc. If you can afford to do it, you may want to have the dust cleaned out of your computer by a professional as the heat it traps can impact performance.
8. Look for other background processes that might be using your GPU. If you Have a long list of icons in your Windows taskbar at the bottom right, see if you can turn them off (even if temporarily).

It may not help, but I’m running the following w/o issue:

Windows 11 (most-recent updates)
Intel Core i9-9900KF (latest motherboard drivers and firmware)
32GB DDR4 3600MHz
nVidia RTX 3080 (10GB, latest drivers)
4K OLED HDMI 2.1 @4K 120Hz (G-Sync Compatible)
You'll need to keep tabs on your system resources. Up until this point we haven't had any problems of this specific nature - but things you'll want to look out for is a growing memory footprint?
I ended up switching back to full screen and after that I had no problems anymore, I had been running windowed mode up untill then. I have no idea what kinda diffrence that makes resources wise but it seems to work.