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Food Buff Idea - Like Valheim


Now apparently there is no hunger/thirst system in this. But what about making it like this. Make everyone's HP very low and in order to have more max HP you have to be chowing down on some food like in Valheim. How it works in Valheim is that you have practically no HP without eating anything, you can't level and get more HP and you can't wear gear that increases HP. However you can cook advanced recipes and eating them gives you a temporary max HP increase. So you get 3 slots to decide what buffs you want. You could drop everyone's max health down to 20 and they can't raise it with leveling but with food buffs. Some can increase your damage or healing power but remember you can only have 3 food buffs so you have to plan out what your food loadout will be like before adventuring. A tank might want a lot of HP+ foods but if he can't hold threat very well he might sacrifice one HP+ food buff for more damage and vice versa. Would also be so you can only prepare and cook foods at an ember ring so you have to plan out ahead what foods you want to have during your journey.

Meat: Meats usually give more max HP but only lasts 15 minutes
Cheese: Cheeses can give less max HP than meat but it lasts longer 30 minutes
Fruits: Fruits would increase your max stamina but only lasts 15 minutes
Vegetables: Increases max stamina less than fruits but lasts 30 minutes
Nuts/Beans: Increases your attack
Teas: Increases your defense or your healing power

Recipes can lean towards more HP increases, stamina increases, damage, defense or healing.
There can also be a larger food stack you can drop into the world or on a table for your party to enjoy like a feast where you can take multiple portions from. That idea is from World of Warcraft.

So you won't have to worry about losing health from standing around going hungry but you won't be battle ready after 15 minutes and have to eat again. When you go into a long drawn out battle you might have to realize this battle can last that long and eat cheese over meat that can last 30 minutes or longer. So there would be a whole new layer of strategy you have to go over. The food materials can be bought from NPCs or hunting can get you meat, forestry will help you get plant food.

So if you actually think about it a tank wouldn't just make the decision of taking prospecting for more armor and weapons he might be thinking hunting can be another viable profession option to keep his pouch full of meat at the ready.
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I suggested something similar. But it had to do with the Ember Ring. Sitting at an Ember Ring for so long "warms" you and that warmth stays with you for x amount of time after you leave the ring.
Just tried Valheim and learned the food system, gotta say it's a great model. Also it would fit rather well here, with prep and recovery time. Also it'd grant additional penalty on death/debuff.