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Feedback Suggestion: QoL Improvement for combat and party targeting


Suggestion: Move the 'frontal cone' for checking valid targets back from the player's center point by 0.5 or 1 meter and correspondingly increase skill/weapon ranges to maintain existing ranges relative to current game state.

-often players are standing right next to each other and given the appearance of being able to heal an ally, but cannot due to the pinpoint position of a player's center being slightly out of cone
-a similar situation happens when a mob walks just past a player's point of existence in the world, causing them to have to adjust (sometimes a few times) in order to attack as the mob, which oddly the mob is still allowed to target the player even though the player cannot do the same
I supposed you could approach the problem from the opposite end and position the cone on melee/all mobs 0.5m forward of their position (and reduce their max range) so that they stop in an appropriate spot when engaging a player.

This doesn't help with the healing/targeting ally you are standing very close to though.
But yes, I also understand your meaning Xeen.
back dat thang up 1m and it achieves your results too + prevents mobs from nibbling nuts while you cant attack them without backing up

I think it would be way simpler to move the cone than to create a whole new, much more complex geometry for targeting

Exaggerated the position behind the character a bit for illustration purposes, but using your original image and keeping positions relatively the same... this is what I'm saying.

Also, could increase angle to 120 degrees, another very easy fix vs a complex geometry. Edit: this would be in addition to moving the cone back, as simply increasing the angle would not solve some problems.
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This is how I think it should work.
Mine in RED.
I did say I exaggerated placement to enhance illustrating the concept, but yes i think it should come from about the rear edge of a player's position circle like when you have yourself selected.