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Feedback Feedback on current build

is this feedback?


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Thanks again for the great work, really like where this is going.

Leveling 1 to 10:
1-10 seems good, might be a bit fast, but in the long term I think it's for the greater good. I really like the new Strike skill and btw I stopped using it at around level 10-12, as I found is was not worth the stam drain anymore.
I also like the random drops for every mobs, that is a welcome change. The rate is low enough to make it fun (except for the helms of course...) and it's good combined with crafting.
All in all, the level 1-10 is getting very close to the release state.

I like the combat pace and all, but it's missing something and I think it's the challenge. Once you figured out, how to tackle a spot, everything become kinda the same.
Ok there's those moment, when everything turn to shit, but it seems to happen less and less once you know the drill.
Right now, every mobs seems to either have tough skin, daze, poison or paralyse you. There's the social aggro, but it's not enough to make it really interesting.

Here's a few suggestions that could spice things up a bit:

- Mobs with random aggro or swapping aggro. (Disregard aggro Table)
- Mobs that dots random party members. (bleed, poison...etc)
- Damage on the ground around players (Require you to be aware/move)
The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. This would be cool on Named, but also on random 2+ chevs once in a while.

Defender Sub-Class:
I've played the 3 def sub-class and here's my toughts:

Marshall is really fun to play, has decent DPS and it's dynamics with the CC, my favorite so far.
Knight feel where it should be as the toughest tank, but it's very single target oriented, so can be hard without CC. (I did not played with the new skills tho)
Juggernaut, is my lowest played so far lvl 17 and I did not Tanked much yet. But it seems ok for multiple targets tanking and look to have a good DPS.

Here's a few minor things:

- Aura, Shield, Buff should be instant cast imo. I feel that all of these should be an instant cast instead of 2 seconds, as this can sometimes be time critical and it's more efficient to do so while instacasting.
- "No Time to Die" would be more useful if the expiration was 1 time On Hit or 60 sec instead of just 10 seconds. Right now, this has no place on the 6 slots hotbar.

So far for me Defender Class seems very well balanced and they have all something to look for, so good job and I'll keep giving feedback as it's progress.

- 6 slot hotbar is very limiting and that make swapping skills a annoyance of every play session, almost every combat. I'm swapping in combat, out of combat, while running.....and most of the time...it's shit I forgot to put that skill back kinda thing. For me, that is not tactical combat, that is pure annoyance. I don't get why you are not giving us all our skills....the stamina drain is the real limitation not the 6 slot skills. Anyway, I'll let other people voice also on this, but that is my point of view.

- It would be nice if we could move the menu located in the top right corner as well. I usually like to leave the top screen with no UI.

Random Toughts:
- I've said it multiple times, but we need Boss Fight, big battles, huge Mobs. I don't care if you using the same graphics as the Normal mobs, but put them bigger, I want to fear them....add some cool mechanics to fight them....
- Chance of very very rare drop on any mobs. It would be cool if guys added an extremely rare chance for any mobs to drop something of great value. Lets take the Thief blade for example: Keep it like that for the Thief Mobs, but add the item also in the all mobs lootable, but with an extremely rare chance of dropping. I think it could bring some.....OH YEAH!!!...moment into the game.

Again great work so far and sorry for the long post.
Love those spicy ideas dude. Wildcard monster AI (besides long bow wielding exiles) would make things more dsngerous

Think it would be nice , if some monsters fled at low HP as well. I know it would make snare skills necessary, which would add a kiting advantage to the game, but it just seems unrealistic that no monsters ever fail morale checks and tuck tail and run.
1-10 seems good, might be a bit fast, but in the long term I think it's for the greater good. I really like the new Strike skill and btw I stopped using it at around level 10-12, as I found is was not worth the stam drain anymore.

I haven't seen much about Strike on the forums, I agree with you. My first impressions were that Strike is in a good place efficiency wise. It's bad enough to have to consider using it but good enough to use.