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Experience Gain(probably unpopular)


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I am feeling like the current xp gain is way fast. I hope it slows down by leaps and bounds. It may be the limited content with testing but I feel like even with limited days the progression happens so quickly. I get it’s a balance on keeping people with less free time interested and feeling like they are progressing but it seems like things move too fast as far as xp gain. Love the direction just hoping to prolong the experience by not getting so much xp per kill. 1% a kill is pretty average in a small group of 2-3 from my experience and that just seems way high. I know it has been said it will be progressively hard with levels but it still seems to be tuned too easy in my opinion. Love the game and love playing. Just my two cents however unpopular this opinion may be.
Having to kill 200-300(?) mobs per level sounds horrible. Even when you look at classic EQ it never had that apart from the odd hell level and when you got into the 50's. Doubling the amount of XP required will probably kill the game for many. I'd look at it from a max level perspective. I think the current rate until 30ish and then maybe think about a scaling increase til 50. Even then 200 mobs per level for example sounds unfun.
I agree with you that it would probably kill it for most. I was just tossing it out there that I personally would love that 200-300 mobs a level thing lol.
Thinking about exp gain:

It does slow way down, especially when you are trying to stick with a group of friends who are below you and fighting anything green
Dont focus on exp, rather focus on an adventure for a particular goal and whatever exp you get, yay
I'm usually after some loot from rares, a boss, skinning, etc, and exp is an afterthought
If your main objective is simply to grind out levels as fast as possible, you are going to miss a lot of the beauty of the world
Go explore

Less than a level to go and everything in the current beta will be green to me while I've only ever been focused on something else other than exp. Some levels went by extremely slow, but that's ok. Still trying to find a couple of rare drops that I know where to get, and maybe a few that are incredibly elusive but known to exist.
My goal has not been to power through levels and a lot of my time is spent exploring or searching for named mobs. Like I said, for me, even when I get to 24 or 25 it still feels like I level way faster than I prefer. Just my own preference and opinion. Was curious if there were other gluttons for punishment when it comes to level grinds is all.