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Exit to character selection plays a sound


I tried searching for this but didn't see anything.

I believe it didn't happen until the 2021 build but am unsure how often I used that exit option prior.
It does not happen for exit to desktop.

When I exit to character selection a short semi jarring audio clip is played that I can't identify but it's certainly not anything happening around my current ingame character, perhaps a segue in to the char select audio that is distorted, or maybe it needs some delay before selection screen music starts.
It almost sounds like the noise of a city, like many voices chatting and some vague music. Then at other times like a machine grinding sort of noise / some stuttering together of character animation audio clips.

I'll try and record it this weekend if it's still happening.

Anyone else notice this?

Soundblaster Audigy FX set in 5.1
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Yes, I get a yell or some similar sound when I log out to character selection too. I thought it must be intentional.
It still happened tonight and sounded like a structure falling down. If that is intentional it is missing the mark imo.
each audio source is tied to a sound mixer to control the volume. unity likes to screw that up when switching scenes ;(
Sounds like a door for me so I'm assuming it was intentional.
no it's not intentional, just a bug with how Unity handles audio mixers :(. If I can reproduce it locally I could track down the audio source and squash it but it only seems to happen on some machines