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Embers Adrift

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Embers Adrift 5e DnD


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Stormhaven Studios
As things often get buried on discord I'd like to get a head count for anyone interested in doing some short 5e dnd adventures on Roll20. I own the modules for the Tales of the Yawning Portal on Roll20 which gives us some high quality off-the-shelf adventures for varying level ranges and difficulties. I have also bought hundreds of varying quality adventures from Humble Bundles over the years, but those take a bit more time and effort to run since I don't have easily importable maps for Roll20 and would have to set everything up by hand, but if we exhaust the Tales of the Yawning Portal I still have a decent wealth of content to pull from.

Times would likely be 9PM EST Tue/Thur but depends on those interested and their schedules

Who might be interested? Or let me know if you have any questions about it!


My schedule is in flux, though I'm interested, hard to say if I'd be available though. I haven't done any of the Yawning Portal dungeons, but sounds exciting.


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I am still interested, I’d like to just at least play through the 5E starter kit with a couple people to get the basics of the new edition.


Stormhaven Studios
I’m itching to play something like this but it would have to be later for me (9pm+ CST). Thurs maybe? I would also be totally down if we wanted to throw down a Dune RPG session. It just came out and I need an excuse to buy it.


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Allow me to necro res this post, we were talking about DnD 5e the other night and it so happens that I play and DM Fantasy Grounds 5e every week. I have the full Ultimate license and most of the rule books and adventures for 5e. (in case you dont know Fantasy Grounds is the best VTT currently out and where there is a cost to Run games with it it free for players)

if 4 - 6 of you can come up with a night and time that works for all of you I would be happy to run a game for you



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Monday - Wednesday are my only days, really anytime honestly. I would love to just get in a do a starter thing similar to the starter box set with pre-made characters to get the basics again.