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Feedback Emberdrift

is this feedback?


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I've done the Emberdrift dungeon yesterday for the first time and here's my feedback:
Our group composition was: 1x level 30 1x level 25+ and some from 20 to 17.

- It is way too hard for a level 14 group.
- It is way way too long (almost 3hrs)
- The rewards was none (unless you think a helmet with +5 ember resist is good)
- No way to exit
- We found the emberdrift, 4 of us entered and the other 2 arrived later (10min) as they were in Dryfoot, but it was gone.

Here's what I suggest for these problems:
- Make it smaller between 30min-45min
- Make the loot table more fun/exciting (visually and stats wize)
- Ajustment to mobs density and reduce aggro range, because they can aggro from everywhere even through walls (check the screenshot section I've posted a video)
- Add some more Named or even big bad ass bosses (Boss room, with strategy, not just tank and spank)
- Give us a hearthstone kinda thing to NNH wall so we can get out if something in real life happen, with a 60min cooldown of course. (that is required as fast as possible)
- Make the emberdrift sink into the ground(a bit like the ground torch), so we know how long we have until it despawn

Other Design suggestions/ideas
- I like the idea proposed by @RazorBrains regarding it, that we would have a random chance of having one of different instances. (4-5)
- having a few solo versions as well.
- It doesn't needs to be central veins design, it could port you to a desert kinda place, a bit like dryfoot.....etc. (unless you have already this planned for the other zones)
- Make the instance binded to the group, so multiple groups can do it.

Special Thanks to @Elloa for the help regarding this run

Blyte Plays

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I did see some improvement to the start of the dungeon. Smoother nav mesh and no clustered adds.

We were in there cutting through for 3 hours, and still no definitive end.

Yes, one named, with some mental debuff resist helmet, which was a mehhhhhh reward.

If some real life thing happened, and called me elsewhere in this huge dungeon, not only am I toast, logging off in it, but my whole group is hosed without my dps, trying to fight out as well? Terrible.

My suggestion. Have the zone not respawn, and auto close if no players are inside. With no respawn, small groups or groups short on dps can still work through it, even if they must stop short of the boss. This will also prevent catastrophe from single player death or real life issues, causing a total party wipe, because they cant get out, without that player, or the issue of that dead player which cant work back to them due to respawn.

Please have a boss that is always spawned, with a long loot table, which drops 2 pieces. Maybe you get 2 commons? Maybe you get a rare and common? Etc... but 3+ hours to get maybe nothing isnt good.

Also, have some branches that might take you to a common spawn lieutenant, but not garunteed.

Please put some shafts of daylight in the dungeon, you can use to fast escape, and a few ember rings. After 3 hours I think I had 14% endurance damage? With knock outside, it would have been more.
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Hopefully the Ember (call home) is added soon. Or atleast an option to call back to the start of a dungeon to exit if have to leave. The fighting in and then after couple hours you don’t know where the end is and have the same amount of time required to fight back to the start it’s almost a given you’ll loose anything you looted since just 1 person leaving could mean you are unable to continue.