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Ember Ring Mechanic


New Member
It was my first Embers Adrift Weekend, i was able to hit lvl 10 and at Monday we go with a small Group of 3 ( lvl 15, lvl 11 and me ) to Central Vein in Newhaven Valley. We die multiple Times, but thats another Story. We almost respawn after Deaths on diffrent Ember Rings, so 2 or 3 Times 2 of us respawn at Southeast Entrance Ember Ring but always the 3 spawns at Northwest Entrance, so he must every Time run to us back. After the last Wipe we gave up and i realize that i respawn in Central Vein Northreach ( dunno wich Entrance, i never was here befor, Mobs are t3 and red for me in Dungeon and outside in the Ruins ) . So i think the only way is to die again outside and hope that i spawn in Northreach at a Ember Ring from where i can get back. We wipe in Central Veins ( Newhaven ) always around the spot where Smuggler Area ends and Spiders Tunnels start.
In my Opinion the best way is just give the Players the ability to bind self on Ember Rings.

sorry about my bad english ..


Stormhaven Studios
Thank you so very much for your feedback and no apologies are needed, your english is more than fine! :)
This is a bug that was supposed to be corrected but is apparently not. In addition we do have now an extra complication with the Northreach Dungeon.
@Undone you gonna be happy with that one!