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Bug Different Delay on weapon from dropped

is this a bug?


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The Sturdy Copper Warhammer(Dropped) is 1s faster than the Newhaven Copper Warhammer (Crafted). Basically same weapon, just crafted has other stats.

No bug. just a different weapon. It has extra stats so the delay could be to balance it.
Yeah, it's always been like that. Does feel like the lower delay of dropped hammer is more useful than the crafted stats, but perhaps that's just hard to distinguish and may eventually one of the things improved crafted gear will gain. IIRC one of the handle types gave +1 haste for crafted hammers but forgot what level.
This issue is just a lower level issue because crafted stat items get better with quality and level. Common drop weapons have no stats but are a second faster in CD but the same damage as crafted weapons. Crafted weapons have stats but at low levels the stats are negligible since they improve at higher levels and quality. So in the first zone or two, common drop weapons are better than crafted but once your penetration gets into double digits and higher, plus dmg bonus and haste bonuses (like on lvl 20+ cedar weapons and some oak) then crafted will be better. Remember, 1 sec cooldown only affects autoattacks, and once you have a bar of abilities to mash, then cd's on weapons won't mean much but penetration on a weapon affects all abilities its used in for example. Expect to visit a training dummy at higher levels to test stats.
Named weapons that are dropped are better than both above. Weapons like Thieves blade, Outlook Staff, Smithy hammer, Woodsman longbow are far better than anything else at their level and last a player quite a few levels.
Dropped items are meant to be better, they said this. I also agree with this.
The issue is that OP posted dropped items which are basic and super common, so what's the point of crafting those items?

Having said that, crafting needs to be reworked completely to allow crafters to be useful for dropped gear. They can also be used to fill the massive gaps in item drops by level.
Going from level 10 to 20 feels really bad using the same weapon.