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Deconstruction, gain way too much


When Deconstruct. you will get junk, or as example leather glove, carcass you can make into 3 more leather, and so on...
Yea the raw mats returning is a known issue, we are working to only give you the refined material back.
I trained Weaponsmithing by constructing and deconstructing a bunch of hatchets. At the end of this process, I had more wood than I'd had at the start. And that was after selling some scrap wood along the way.
Yea the raw mats returning is a known issue, we are working to only give you the refined material back.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For this iteration of the game, Beta after the wipe, I chose to have one of my characters be only a harvester and one be a crafter. They are Forester and Prospector, and Provisioner and Weaponsmith respectively.

When I deconstruct on the crafter, I'm forced to restack the raw mats, put them in the bank, then log to my gatherer to reprocess them. Put those in the bank and relog back to the crafter to use them.

In earlier iterations of the game I'd paired one gathering skill with the most logical, in my mind, crafting skill, thus eliminating the above problem for the most part.

What I'm rambling on about, errrr saying is it just makes more sense to deconstruct into processed materials rather than raw materials. The deconstructed items were made from processed materials NOT from raw materials directly. Cheers!
The deconstruct button was literally added on Monday. There are some technical issues with returning a refined material every time so we opted for the easiest thing to do (for the week) of returning the raw material. This is not the intended way it will happen, we just didn't want to give you junk 100% of the time. But if we can't straighten out the technical issues by Wednesday it looks like we will have to just give junk 100% of the time.