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Feedback Day 1 : character creation, female hair, hands and personnalisation.

is this feedback?


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Disclaimer : this post is written by someone who has played old and new kinds of mmo, and hasn't read everything about Ember's Adrift evolution til then. It is only my opinion about how i think future player may compare the game with other games and would maybe think too.

- The "shape of the body" option is a good idea but i think the size of the arms should fit the hands more... I know my hands are very small irl but these hands are huge even for a tough man...
- I wished i could have an option to rotate not only my character but also the camera so i could see it from different lighting and shades...
- I wished i could chose the time of the day I wanted to try out by myself cause i had to wait for 10min or so to get out of night time and that wasn't much fun to choose a proper hair color.
- On night time, hair was transluscent, giving me the shape of the head undearneath and it wasn't helping to see the hair style I could wish for.
- These hair models are giving me some kind of Skyrim vibe, but i wish there were more haircut even as a whole if not as layers to try to making look good together. I also wished they had more volume cause with "Fade/Down/None" combo i can still see my skin from almost every side of it.
- Same for eyebrows, they're almost a myth, please give us some more hair. xD
- I don't know if it's planned byt as eyebrows could be changed, i wonder if lips, jaws or nose will be an option in the future...
- Are paints and cloths color-linked ? I wished they could be two different items and i wished they had a bigger color palette.

I get that "that's not a game to look like a model" but fact is people will spend a lot of time looking at what they created, looking at their cute "doll" and try to look good to take screenshots to show to their friends and look different from them... That's my optinion and with games such as WoW, FFXIV, ESO etc to look up to, i think it should be considered to improve the character customization aspect of the game.