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Dalton's Feedback - Updated Weekly?


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March 16, 2022

- The FPS limiter improved my overall performance and smoothed out turning.
- Emotes are very fun and a nice addition, used them all, some need a bit of SFX.
- The effects on the abilities still appear a bit large in the radius the effect takes up, IDK how to explain.

- There should be a button for emotes located on the chat window where the "star" is located in the image. This would allow people to easily see what emotes they currently have and reduce the need to type them out.

- The class icons should be updated to reflect the cool ones we now have in discord. I think all of the class icons need some color added to them.


- The candles should be lit on the tables to make them easily findable in the dark, or an outline of the table/anvil when hovering over them.