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Crash on Zoning


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Was hopeful that it wouldn't happen again, but logged in and first zoning from SNH to NNH and the game crashed.


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Sigh. I'll keep working on this. This is a very strange issue because it's only impacting a few select folks while everyone else is doing fine.
Probably something relating to our setup then. Perhaps the NIC we're using, or the type of router we have. Happy to provide details if required.
Did you ever discover a reason or fix for this? My husband has been having this issue ever since we started playing in mid-October. It has gotten to the point where he doesn't want to play anymore because he can't go into a new zone without his computer crashing.
The problem just went away, so I assumed @Undone had done something to fix it in the code.

The best suggestion I can make is to send the embersadift.log file to Undone with details of the problem, what zones, what time, etc. You can find it in the <install dir>\Embers Adrift\client\live
This is happening to me routinely @Undone Let me know if there is any data I can provide to help
Has this always happened or is it something recent? Feel free to send me your embersadrift.log and embersadrift.prev.log files and I can take a look (here or discord).
Maybe they are not explaining why they crash when they zone. I never crash when I zone. UNLESS I am running both of my account at the same time. It doesn't always happen but when it does. I get an "Invalid Session" message. When I log back in I am still in the zone I was trying to zone out of.
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