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Feedback CPU temperature

is this feedback?


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This is more info than feedback, and maybe just a question to the community if you experience the same as me.
I feel like my cpu is rather warm when I play this game. I experience the same temperatures when playing ARK, but not in other games.
The game runs smoothly and I have no issues with it. It is just the warm temperatures I noticed.

Also, I'm interested to compare these screenshots with the future ones I'll make. :)


And after I've shut the game down the temperature instantly drops.
You have almost everything on highest settings. Just get a steak out next time and you can cook dinner and play the game.
1440p + high vegetation density is going to chew up a bit of your CPU time. What is the refresh rate of your monitor? V-Sync means that it will try and match the frame rate of the game to your refresh rate - so if it's a high refresh rate monitor (i.e. 144hz) then the game will probably just try and render as many frames as possible per second. Try setting your frame rate limiter to 30 or 60fps and that should ease the stress on your CPU.

Ah yes - your resolution gives it away - you are using a 144hz monitor. Set your limiter to 30/60 and it'll help a lot!
This is a bit unconventional but another thing you can do is underclock your CPU by like 200 to 300mhz or so. I find this helps big time with what I got going on (i9-9900K water cooled) and I don't notice any performance issues either. But yes, also do what Undone said - I limit my frames mainly to help my GPU temp myself.