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Community Meetings on DISCORD


Stormhaven Studios
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Heya friends!

One of my favorite things during the Alpha and the Beta was the fact that everyone knew everyone. It was something that could happen because we were a very small community and we had to rely on each other to progress and test the game.

Now that the game has been released, the community has increased a lot, and players are fluctuating much more. Yet we still are a relatively small community and it’s still possible to get to know each other, create bonds, befriends and have this feeling of a big family that is so precious and we rarely experience nowadays..

For this reason I want to reintroduce something we were doing back when we tested the game weekly on Wednesdays only: a weekly gathering on Discord. So I invite you guys in the GROUP CHAT#1 on Discord for a relaxing weekly meeting!

- Wednesday at 8pm CDT/Thursday at 3am CET
- Thursday at 2pm CDT / Thursday at 9pm CET

Two dates and times to fit different time zones and availability.

I’m simply organizing a meeting on voice chat for 60 min or so, but everyone can take this opportunity to organize groups and play together.
I also want those meetings to be friendly and positive. We leave any sort of toxicity and problems at the door.Troubles makers will be removed! You are welcome to ask your questions about the game however.

Hope to see you on Discord this week! https://discord.gg/qJfYhJ8


Stormhaven Studios
The community meetings were definitively a success and I will continue to host them on Discord every week.
I know this Thursday, it's Thanksgiving for our players from USA, but I will still be hosting the meeting for those of you that are not celebrating.

Check out on Discord in the event section!