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[Community Event] Expedition to Dryfoot


Stormhaven Studios
Elloa - 126.png

You are invited to participate to our first COMMUNITY EVENT in game


Saturday at 3pm CT - 9pm CET
Live on Twitch at Elloawendy
- all levels and new players welcome

A very simple event: a cortege from South Newhaven up to Dryfoot, just for the fun of travelling accross the map together, make jokes on the way, get our torches out if its dark, and protect low level players!

- Gathering in South Newhaven 1st camp. New players will just pop in there.
- Setting up groups
- Cortege leave 30 min later. Hopefully we will have several groups going!
- We will follow the road and go through NewHaven South & North, up to Dryfoot
- We will go through Dryfoot's map
- Massive group screenshot at the end

I hope to see a lot of you joining this event!
(I will TP back everyone 1 by 1 at the end, don't worry)

Check out the event on Discord