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Character creation view


New Member
When I go to the character creation screen the camera sits inside the body of the avi I want to create so that I can't see anything?

Could be me, any suggestions? Restarting the game doesn't solve it
This is a known issue on M1 macs, are you using one? We have a bug report in with unity but they are taking their sweet time with it :confused:
Yes, M1 Pro, 10C CPU & 32C GPU
apologies for this! we don't yet have the apple silicon build out (which does fix the issue) because of another rendering bug we have open. bugs all over the place and Unity is slow to fix them :mad:
Cheers for working on this. The work around for now is create a new avi on my old puter and then play with it on the new one. All in the beta game ;)