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Certain quests should be done only by certain profession skills


I remember in WoW there were quests that require you to get a metal ore from a certain location. At least 2-3 quests where like that but if you weren't a miner with the right skill level you couldn't complete it. Likewise there was a quest that required an engineer part that only engineers can make. A craftable sword needed to complete another one that blacksmiths could make. I was able to playthrough without having to complete them but it was interesting to note this shifted the economy to make those craftable items more valuable and those professions valuable. People would buy them from those crafters just to complete a quest and brought people together more. Would there be such things like this? I can also imagine certain doors to treasure that you can only get through using a miner's skill to mine away at the rocks blocking it or such.

There were boss doors that you could open with a key you had to find in the dungeon but if you had a rogue that could lockpick through it you didn't have to find it. Stuff like that. Maybe a puzzle to open a door or you can get a locksmith to open it for you. Blacksmiths can also craft keys to open doors.