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Camping Exiles, things from 07/22 - 07/24


I have camped the NNH Exiles, most of this weekend and have a few comments:

1. Good News First: Clearly you guys have stealthed in a bunch of news Armour and Weapons drops. Enjoyed that, Thanks!

2. Still have the issues of the Exiles running INTO you. However, after about 300 pulls, I've noticed that it's 100% of the time, only while they have the 'Charge' buff active. If you pull them until that buff drops and then turn, they will stop before running inside of your toon. So, the problem lies with Charge (maybe you already know that, but just in case you didn't)

3. Speaking of the Charge buff, why does EVERY class of Exile get this buff? It looks, to me, like it should just be a Defender buff (i.e. the Tank/Defender Charges to the opponent), but the Strikers and Supporters have it also.

4. When >we< (player characters) get too close to a mob, with Bow or Crossbow, we get an error message that we are "Too close to use that weapon". NPC (Exiles and Smugglers, in this example) can get completely inside of my toon and still use either Bow or Crossbow. Do they get different rules, or is this a bug that needs correction?

That is all, Thanks,