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Butt Spaulders coming soon !


Unfortunately there are no Ass Spaulders :(
Just a slight mis-understanding there - whoops.

But Elloa let us know that Boar Butt Spaulders are on the way !

Their omission must have been some oversight or something - we have Breast Plates, so Butt Spaulders are obviously needed (especially considering how much time we spend watching rear-ends move, right?)

I imagine the team are working overtime on them all weekend right now - measuring butts, developing butt animations, testing butt movement - what a time to be alive, eh ?

Here's your quality MMO right here folks.
Excited to see what the team can come up with...


Hope I didna offend anyone, just having some fun livening up the forum :)

What happened was that someone asked about 'Ass Spaulders' instead of 'Ass. Spaulders',
leading to various jokes naturally,
then Elloa responded with a joke about possible Boar Butt Spaulders.

BTW - talking about missing periods, I wonder if someone here knows what Harry S Truman's middle name was ?


New Member
As long as this leads to me getting the legendary Ass. Hat added to the game as well. Boar Butt Hats are good, but should be low level in design. An Ass. Hat should be for high level people and compete with stats similar to Richard's Helm.