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Bug: Unable to Move Target of Target


Active Member
Unable to move target of target, I resized my screen after moving the target bar. When I did this, it squished up the target of target bar on top of my target bar.
What resolution are you currently playing at? The Target of target is linked to the target, Undone may need to just better tie the sizing of them together.
3840 x2160
However, it was caused by moving from 4k to 1080p back to 4k. When I did that, it messed up the target of target. In fact all my windows and chatboxes etc were all pushed up on each other.
After this last hotfix, it was working normally again. I've not tried resized back to 1080p and back to see if it does it.
I was also in windowed mode.
Thanks for the info - I have been unable to reproduce this bug locally which makes it a pain in the neck to fix. I've tried a few things but obviously it is not yet resolved, so back to the drawing board!