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[BUG] Shift modifier on keybinds not consistent

Cedrych Skye

Active Member
Shift as a modifier for keybinds seems to be broken on the hotbar. I changed mine after logging in today and Shift + 1 doesn't activate the slot I assigned it to. Instead it just acts as if shift isn't being pressed. Alt and Ctrl are working properly though. Shift + R works to put me into a a sitting position for resting. So it's just Shift + Number that seems to be broken for me.
Update... the shift modifier works if it's a secondary keybind and not the primary. Further testing shows it's just Shift + 1 that isn't working as a primary keybind.
That is super odd! I haven’t had any issues locally but I will try it on a few other machines later tonight. Do you have another keyboard you could try by chance?