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Buff insects running too fast

Dragon Eyes

New Member
It was always kind of a challenge to catch them but lately they are going way too fast and can climb locations the player can't reach.

I love those little insects but we need them to not flee us that much, they are already scares enough to find.
I play with high ping, and they are pretty much impossible for me to 'catch' even when standing on them. Most times I don't bother, and if I do - it's when they are pinned against the geometry.
They did become faster it seems, the only way to catch them is to run them up against a hill, and even then they often run up the hill so far that a player cannot follow them to capture. Please look at the speed and slow them back down again, or adjust the algorithm to make them dodge less, etc. I see them all the time and just have to ignore them, where I used to actively chase and catch them.