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Bruskie week 2


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Here are some thoughts i have after playing two weeks.

1. For a low population game, group lvl need to be extended. I went all night Saturday night LFG and i was to low. On Sunday, I was grouped but we were forced to do lower lvl camps because members of our group would not get exp for killing higher lvl mobs. that is dumb. Grouping should not be a give and take, it is a all hands on deck experience and should be rewarded for being able to take down higher lvl mobs.

2. Combat I feel is still to slow. it has sped up now that I am 13 a little but I feel it is still to slow.

3. it might be just my class i picked but i feel every class should be able to solo some what efficiently. Juggernaut not so much. maybe down the road but not from 8-13 so far.
What feels slow about Jugg? Combat is already intended to be more tactically paced so it'll never be fast and furious or rotation heavy like modern mmos, although there can still be plenty of tension and intense moments. I feel like I have enough to do between using my abilities, watching my health to pop a buff if needed, watching my stam, and watching for stray adds. Plus very important time in between to sip my beer!

Some of the challenge with being a niche within a niche and SHS not really being aggressive promoting the beta state is the low pop currently. I hope and believe at launch the game will have way more people on the servers so finding groups should be less of an issue and finding where to go will be more of the challenge.

Also, there is a beta section with a sub forum specifically for beta testing feedback, fyi.