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Article at MassivelyOP Wants Playable Gecko Race

Randy Magnum

Active Member
Today over at MassivelyOP, one of the writers posted an article asking for a playable Gecko race in Embers Adrift. He did make a dig at the darkness, but he probably hasn't played recently (no squinting required). But its publicity. I am not for all types of playable races, I got my fill of that playing Project Gorgon for years and it seemed immersion breaking (out of place) at times when your fighting with deer, cows, pigs, birds etc... in your group.
I like different races and fantasy in general. I prefer humanoids types, although some different race are sometimes fun. Sad to see this game moved away from that model, its going to cost them a bunch of money doing that as it alienates an absolutely massive amount of people that like fantasy/magic in games.
I like to think I have a barb, gnome and dwarf from the way I made them to look. Elves don't have to have pointy ears (there were no pointy eared elves in J.R.R. Tolkien's works). It's whatever your imagination makes it to be.
Not sure what you mean, every version of the game has always been humans only for players.
I think he is talking about the fantasy style model as a whole, like removing magic and trolls and stuff.
IF you had playable fantasy races, it would be more fantasy and you all moving away from that model so, no fantasy races now for sure.

Personally, on the topic, I don't care about playable races, I would love to see more of the fantasy stuff brought back, it gets quite boring to me to be fighting humans and basic animals like deer and bears. Would love to see trolls and goblins and harpies or whatever.
I would love to see more magical effects too, like spell effects, ice swords, etc.
I do think that a little fantasy can go a long way for people removing it 100% is much less interesting. Really when you think about it also, with the heavy D&D concepts in game, I'm surprised too.
They could be introduced in post-release content updates. Include a quest process of some sort involving Ember that can "change" one into a Geckoid or whatever, so players wouldn't necessarily have to start a new character to play one.

Would be a cool way to incorporate the feature in an immersive way. May not fit the dev vision though, this is just me spitballin'.