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Armor Augments are madness right now


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1. the interface says they have a duration, they seem to last forever (i don't really feel like they need a duration. just let them be sockets you put things on forever)


2. most of them say ArmorOuter for their slot, but they seem to have a specific slot
Bracing: Vambrace/pauldron
Flap: Faulds
Padding: Head/chest
Straps: Greaves.

3. they seem to change stats on seperate tiers in a way that's very confusing:

I would suggest that if you want to make each tier buff separate stats, you should name them differently.


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The different buff types relates to the way materials progress, for example Lean Leather has a lvl 1, lvl 20, lvl 40 variant which all utilize that same lean leather augment recipe, but with increasing stat values.

The duration is "combat time", so it only counts time when you're in combat.

Yea there's no tooltip section for slot, so I added the restrictions in the item's description. Tooltips need a lot of love.