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API Out of Date - Update your Client Error


New Member
When I recently downloaded the client to try and play, I get the titled error when logging in. I've erased my build and re-downloaded, then force checked successfully. However, it still states my client is out of date. Any help with this?

EDIT: I see I got the times wrong for the beta test today. Does that result in this error?


Active Member
If the servers aren't open for testing it will say "World Locked" when trying to log in.

Have you verified your files for the game to make sure nothing was corrupted during the download? You can check this by opening up the tab in the top left of the launcher screen.


New Member
Yes, I even erased the build, re-downloaded, and verified again. I also have the .exe set to run as Admin to make sure it has permissions.


Stormhaven Studios
Patches are not out yet. This is the expected error until the patches are released (later this afternoon, they are building now)