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Alliance Chat might be useful


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I have a small guild and by small I mean just myself and my son. I have thought about either asking other players to join or possibly disbanding my guild to join one of the larger guilds. Here are my issues with both scenarios, I like having my own distinct guild so disbanding it just don't feel right but this is a group centric game and my son and I need more people to quest with. But it does not seem to be fair to bring in other players to my guild because at the moment my son and I only play on the weekends when we have free time.

So this got me thinking of other games I have played in the past where smaller guilds could join an alliance and they then had access to alliance chat which allowed them to do all the things the larger guilds could do like getting enough players from the alliance to do group questing. Now I know you can just ask for people to group up in regular chat but for some reason a lot of players won't join up with strangers but will readily join a group when asked in guild chat. If there was an alliance chat then the smaller guilds would be able to pool their respective players much like the larger guilds do now.

Anyone think this idea has merit? Or any suggestions on my predicament and whether I should just disband my guild and join one of the big 3 guilds.
With the player base as compact as it actually is, when there are most times under 100 online, you should consider all other players to be in your "alliance". It is very hard to put together groups that are of appropriate level for the content in many cases, and limiting yourself to a subset of the actual players will not help. Consider the world chat to be alliance chat and see how that works for you. You do not need to disband or join another guild really, although that would still be another option for more communication channels if you are not happy with world chat and the grouping system alone.
Use world chat and discord lfg, most people tend to be in the big guilds and run within their guildmates, looking for an outsider of the guild is often their last resort. And also there are some other guilds that are very hermetic and only run with their static groups and nobody else.

I would recommend to join a big guild even if you can play on weekends only.
I think the Alliance Chat has his merits, but at the moment, and in the current state of the community, I would suggest you to use the "Global Chat" as main means of discussion, as suggested above.
This is what I encourage players to do: use Global chat, use the LFG Discord chat to set up group in advance and/or warn offline players that a group is forming up.

That being said, with a larger and more active community Alliance chat would be very valuable. For example, it could allow roleplayers to create a Alliance RP chat, or a chat for newbie players, or for high level players.
So I think its not really a priority but definitively something we can look into at some point.