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3^ mobs in the open world camps are a bummer for small groups


New Member
It seems every camp in the outdoor zones has some amount of 3^ mobs in them. This seems out of place to expect a full group to be wandering these areas, when you form a full party you usually go to a dungeon or a specific area you know will be made for a group.

This seems to just deter small groups IMO. A small group is allowed no victories, just eventually hitting a wall seemingly every time.

Some example areas:
- west-most smuggler camp in NHS (ramp leading up to lookout)
- bear cave in NHS
- eastern smuggler lookout in NHS
- little exile camp in northwest NHS
- spider forest in NHN
I agree. The valley full of solo^ con bears leading up to Bear Cave with its group mobs was a little disappointing to me. I was just going up that way to clear the section of the map, but I felt like it would have been an interesting place for some solo xp grinding culminating inside the cave with maybe a slightly weaker than normal elite^^ to give solo players something interesting in the noobie zone.