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Tools are tied to adventuring level. Should be your crafting level. A level 20 forester should be able to use a level 15 tool.

Deconstruct seemed to work. Seems like I would get one mat or one junk item to sell. Here is my beef with it. When I break down a piece of gear, I should get back some of processed mats, not the raw mats. Example: I break down a cloth shirt, I should get cloth back, not cotton/linen. If I break down the cloth, then I should get the cotton/linen. I may not be the person that processed the cotton into cloth and only able to craft the cloth into clothes. Breaking it down to raw mats doesn't help me. I have to collect it up and get someone to process it again.

I assume stats on most items are still a WiP. Hoping we get a deeper description of how the different mats will interact so we can tell if something appears off.


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One quick thought. Forestry levels so quickly due to it having 3 base mats (wood/plant/shroom) where mining has one and less nodes available and skinning is abundant but takes time to kill. Perhaps make them something like Gathering and Harvesting with plants/shrooms under Gathering and mining/wood under Harvesting. Would slow down Forestry a little while boosting mining a little, keeping the total at 3 collection skills.


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In the patch notes I mention that the returned item is a WIP. Ideally yes, we would return the refined item that was used to make it - but there are some instances where that poses some technical challenges and it is something we are actively working on.
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