Embers Adrift

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  1. Ratonga

    RatongaTV : Embers Adrifts Twitch and Youtube content creator

    Hello there, i'm Ratonga from RatongaTV channel, a passionate Raccoon who loves sharing its passions :) You can find me streaming Embers Adrifts on Twitch on : I will also post videos of Embers Adrifts (tutorials, adventures) on my Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/@RatongaTV I will...
  2. Alice_Bluu

    Alice's YouTube

    So I'm getting the hang of this video editing thing. Ive compiled a playlist of all the informational videos I have made so far and I will add to it each week. Right now it consists of a New player tutorial, patch notes and various news letters. I've got a lot more I want to do now that I've...