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  1. F

    Feedback Known Recipes

    Hi! Not sure if this has been discussed in the past but would it be possible to add "Already Known (*character name*)" or even just "Already known on another character" to recipes that another character on your account has learned? I would feel bad winning a roll on a recipe while grouped only...
  2. Meladry

    Feedback A Solution to the Grouping Issue

    Thought I'd resurface this topic in a new thread since it seems a nice fix to the grouping issue, which is currently chief in driving players away. TL;DR: an inverse GEL system will encourage grouping, better aligning with the game's vision. The Problem: Not enough incentive for grouping = not...
  3. Y

    The New Player Experience Needs Attention

    The new player experience simply is not sticky enough to players that aren't already sold on the idea of a slow burn, socially demanding MMO. It does not successfully portray to players within the first few levels how engaging, intense and collaborative combat can be. It does not get them hooked...